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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Little Drivers!

I went to see about a new car at the garage yesterday and had to take my little boy which, I must say was not the best idea in the world! He has a real thing about cars. Is it just boys thing or are girls often the same? I wonder! He loves his toy cars and doesn't just say his car but it is  a"toy" car!  Anyway, straight away he ran, I thought he was going to the lego which was there when I bought my current car 3 years ago but how wrong could I be?

Yes, that's right he went straight to a lovely shiney, new car and climbed in the drivers seat. Next thing I saw were the lights flashing. Thankfully the salesman in the garage at Bristol Street Motors in Sunderland was laughing about it, me I was mortified and wished a hole would open up below me to swallow me up. Unfortunately it did not!

Eventually, I sucessfully prised his arms off the car seat and pulled his legs out of the car only for him to dart to this beautiful sporty red car with white stripes. He said to me "mammy, buy this car so I can drive it"! I tried to explain that his feet would not reach the peddles and that he would not see over the steering wheel but like any 5 year old that was way above them literally. He was utterly convinced that he could drive the car away. Thankfully the salesman came back and asked him if he could sit still for 5 minutes (a joke I thought, he has never, ever sat that long) then he would get a surprise. To my sheer surprise he actually did for the first time in his life! Then the man came back with a comic and some crayons which straight away he dropped all over the floor (my little boy is extremely accident prone)! When they were all picked up and he was back on the little seat he had been given he actually started looking at the book and started to colour in! Now this was a first for me as I am not used to seeing him beeing so easy, what was up that was what was on my mind. Hmmm. After about 5 minutes the salesman came back again and asked if he had stayed on the seat. When I told him he had the salesman then produced a little McDonalds toy from Alpha and Omega. To Louis delight I must say! You would have thought he had been given a huge pile of toys or in our case a million pounds (I wish)!

On the way home he played with the little wolf toy and even when he should have been eating his tea. It was hard to prise it away from him for bed but reluctantly he agreed when I promised I would not move it from my chair. He was still playing with it today. Some little toys really please kids yet if I had given it to him it would have definately been a different story!

Yesterday, it was the school trip and what a brilliant idea for a day out for 5 to 6 year olds! They went to the Stadium of Light home of the Black Cats. It cost £4 for entrance and they apparently saw photographs, a changing room and stood at the top seats looking down on the pitch. They then went to the local park (Barnes park) where they can go any day of the week as it is only about 2 miles away from the school! He came home with a really dirty bottom in his shorts right through to the pants. You would have thought he had been rolling around in a mud bath like a hippopotamus! His teacher had been so excited about the trip, I think more so than the kids! I think the best bit of the day was the park for all of the kids so it just shows you that football is not the be all and end all! Thankfully!!!

Anyone else know of anymore exciting trips just like this one which cost £8. What a waste of money!!!

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