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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The All Important Tax Man!

Why is it that whenever you try to ring the Tax office you always find you have to then ring a different number after it takes an age for you to get to the first number? Anyone else have that problem? I really think self-assessment is one of the most difficult things they could have invented! I know someone who attended at least 4 self assessment courses to learn how to fill his tax return! Isn't there something wrong with that where you have to have a course on how to do your return? I find it easier for me to do mine on the paper but my sister did not get her's so we have to do her's so we have to do it online. Isn't it a pain when it does not let you make a change on the computer and you spend ages trying to get help?

It really is enough to make you want to scream at the first person that answer's the phone. The worst thing is they are usually the nicest person and you always feel guilty about it. No wonder people are late getting their online returns in.

At this rate it will be well past the date when we finally complete it! Good luck to anyone else with the same problem!

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