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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well I must be getting worse, must be old age! I could have sworn that I had already written a blog post this year but simply cannot find it!

I hope everyone had a great New Year and I wonder how many of you are keeping to any New Year resolutions! How many have made them? If so what are they? To drink or eat less? To lose weight and go to the gym? I would love to hear what they are.

I made one around 5 years ago which for once I have kept to. I decided that resolutions were not worth making as whenever I decided to go on a diet or get fit I soon lost interest as exercise is difficult for me. I cheated on diets and ate exactly what I shouldn't have, chocolate!

I did promise myself that I would try to write one page a day of my book, still having difficulty keeping to this. I know it shouldn't but life seems to get in the way. I also have a lazy streak and seem to find something else to do or better still sleep! I must say that I have been unable to make it to the shop very much recently and should be going more often. But, that doesn't mean we are not busy but we do hope to close soon as I really want to concentrate on my little boy and writing.

Hopefully, I am not cracking up and that I will watch how often I write my updates and I am also currently working on another blog just for my author pages. See you all soon and I would love to hear some updates from all of you!

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