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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Over the hill?

Well, it happened I can't believe it! I am now 40! How time has flown it does not seem like 5 minutes that I was at the infant school my little boy is at now. When we are young we felt as if we would never grow up and get big! Summers seemed to last forever and the weather even seemed better. Maybe we look at things through rose tinted glasses with the past but it is nice to remember sometimes.

I would have loved another baby if Louis had been a girl but a little boy is more than enough sometimes. He is so adventurous and into every mischief he can find. Not sure I would like another baby at 40 though as starting again seems very daunting to me. It was hard enough getting Louis Adam to this age of 6 and a half (as he puts it). Lego mad and playing with his toy cars all over the furniture but still he is worth it.

The other day he wanted my car keys so he could drive us somewhere. He was most put out when I told him he had to wait quite a few more years and became very upset with me.

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