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Sunday, 1 January 2012

All over for another Year!

Well, it is all over for another year! There is such a build up before "the big day" and then in no time at all it is ended! We drive ourselves crazy buying presents and cards, trying to buy surprises for our families and friends and then when the big day arrives it is over in a flash. When I was a little girl the month of December seemed to last forever and we seemed to be on the school holidays for months. The day itself lasted so long it felt more like 3 days than one before wishing it was bedtime so I could wear my new nightclothes. No idea why I thought it was so exciting but that is no doubt part of being a child. I try to make it as much fun for my little boy but it is not always easy as things were different then. Now it is even more commercialised than it was then and it makes me sad to think so. Where are the traditional celebrations? What seems to have happened to it all? People think too much of presents, drinking and food but not about what christmas really means. It may have been a pagan celebration to begin with hijacked by the Christian religion but it is still supposed to have some real meaning of family and friendship. Some people even take their decorations down by New Years day!

Some of us are like that but unfortunately not enough and there is always fighting especially, when there is alcohol involved. If you look at the shopping trollies when you are at the supermarket you can see that most of them are taken up with alcohol, lagers and beers etc. It has become a time of overeating and overdrinking.

Where is the real spirit of christmas?

Love to hear what other people think of this time of year.

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