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Monday, 13 June 2011

Little Boys & Drama Queens!

Why is it that little boys are such drama queens? I have seen it in my own little boy who is 5 and have also seen it in other little boys around the same age and younger!I did think it was only Louis Adam but I have been watching other little boys and seen them doing the same things, they also seem to throw themselves down on the floor! It is so funny to watch and see compared to little girls who are much more practical.

I also find that little boys get more into cartoons and tend to carry on what they saw in the cartoons. I remember when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were out. I remember seeing little boys running around doing ninja moves and the noises they made. These days they copy characters but not sure if they are quite as violent. From what I have heard that happens however at schools in the yard they have not changed a huge amount. Of course when boys are hurt in some way they like a fuss, a kiss on the hurt or the hurt rubbing better. At the moment Louis Adam is playing dead! No idea where he got that from but I have also recently seen another little boy do the same thing. I am not sure how Louis knows about being dead or who told him about it even though my uncle died recently and we went to see him before hand and for the funeral. However, Louis did not go to the funeral but went to a private nursery for the day so did not see anything that could give him an idea. You should see him he looks a real picture and so funny, it is hard not to bust out laughing!

They also get a lot more exciteable than little girls. I watched him on a trampoline yesterday and could not help but laugh as he wanted to keep bouncing up and down and not do as the coach told him (he has only been 3 times now). I saw another little boy recently doing a similar thing getting a bit carried away!

He is starting drama group for about 4 weeks in an after school club this week and he loves drama as I am sure you can imagine. He has done a workshop before at the Theatre Royal and had a great time but still gets a bit carried away and forgets what he should be doing for a while.

He asked my mum the other week for her eyes! Where do they get the ideas from? They seem to make sense to them at the time but I am not sure about later!

This morning he tried to say he was never a baby. I had been talking about how I used to cradle him as I was carrying him and about how small he was and he looked at me and said " I was not a baby mammy! I was always this size"! I think they forget we were all babies at one time just a little hard to imagine for them even for him to imagine when we show him photographs of him as a cute little baby even though he says that was him! On our new website http://www.welcomebabyhome.co.uk he looks so cute!

Any ideas where they get it all from?

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